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Life on the Lake

Nestled in the scenic Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California's famed Gold Country, Lake of the Pines (LOP) affords a lifestyle rich in fresh mountain air, beautiful views, and abundant nature. Established in 1967, our vibrant community is a tapestry of a diverse cross section of people – families, retirees, and everyone in between – all united by a love for nature and sense of community.

Whether you are gliding across the lake in a kayak or on a paddleboard, floating with friends, or engaging in a friendly match of tennis or golf, LOP is your playground. Our recreational activities are as varied as the seasons, ensuring every day is filled with as much excitement as you choose.

At LOP, life is more than a series of activities, it is a collection of experiences shaped by our dynamic clubs and groups. With a full calendar of events and gatherings, there is always an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with fellow members. Our lake is the heart of our community, but the recreation and social clubs make it beat by fostering friendships and enriching lives throughout the year.

Surrounded by breathtaking views and crisp mountain air, every moment at LOP is a reminder of the beauty that life has to offer. We invite you to discover why life truly is good on the lake.

Please note that non-members cannot access the community without member sponsorship. The easiest way to come and see for yourself is to contact a local real estate agent with access.

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