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The Pinesmen:  26 Years of Service to Lake of the Pines                          


ounded in late 1985 by a group of men who had a vision of "Making the Best Place Better"  and we know how to do a damn good job of it!  JOIN US.




      This is your 2010 PINESMEN OFFICERS & DIRECTORS
from L to R    Mike Desplancke-1st VP & Programs
                 Ron Trimble-Communications, Web site, Blood Drive
Brian Foster-Calling
                 Jim Wilkinson-Sgt. at Arms
                 Richard Barber-Membership
                 Jim Quinnan-Secretary
                 Bill Kelly-2nd VP, Projects
                 Al Lanza-Raffle
                 Tony J. Gosalvez-President
                 Jim Morrill-Treasurer

  • Tradition continues today with the Pinesmen providing a wide range of support to LOP 
  • We do raise funds (which take Pinesmens' volunteer effort) but the money is turned back to the community in the form of donations, improvement projects, or community activities

� FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION---our most demanding activity of the year
� started as an LOP family picnic in 1986
has grown to become a $24,000 annual event
we run a raffle and arrange sponsors to help raise funds to help make the event happen
we hire the fireworks company
we arrange for and set up all the food and game booths 
hire entertainment 
coordinate the craft fair
organize the staff for all the activities from setup to tear down
generally, the Fourth of July event is a nearly break-even proposition
     � as the event grows and more funds are available, the fireworks display is upgraded along with other activities
the GOALS of the Fourth of July event are to have a fun event for the community and all our guests and to break even financially

Pinesmen's biggest contributions are in the various service projects performed for the community

  • We supervise U-Haul Brush Day each year so all LOPers can bring their yard waste to Parcel E
  • We also run a Brush Day (normally in Nov.) where the Pinesmen will pick up yard waste left at the street by residents who are unable to bring the material to Parcel E

Other "stuff" performed

  • Provided labor for the Sports Lounge landscaping project 
  • Rebuilt the Sports Lounge barbecue 
  • Cleared brush off the hillside of hole number six on the golf course 
  • Provided the Christmas lights at the front entrance to LOP 
  • Built a room inside EC building for Public Safety gate enhancement project 
  • organized four Blood Drives during the year

Fund Raising--sources

  • Bingo games-organized & run 10 games one per month by the Pinesmen: open to all adult members of the community 
  • Crab Feed-organized, purchased, served 230 hungry Pinesmen and their guest 
  • Pinesmen dues: annual $10 per member 

Monthy Dinner Meetings-- except July, Aug. and Dec.

  • Monthly dinner meetings, fourth Wednesday of the month except June, July and December at 6:00 PM, $16  for a Clubhouse dinner
  • Side benefit of our LOP dinners is the approximate $1000 business to LOP food/beverage service 
  • Business meeting 
  • A chance to volunteer for projects 
  • Socialize with other LOPers 
  • Have a nice meal at the Clubhouse 
  • Enjoy an interesting speaker or local entertainment 
  • Participate in a raffle, be a winner

New Member? ---our membership is 140 great guys--give or take

  • The Pinesmen always welcome new members 
  • find out about us, this Web, talk to any member, contact a LOP Pinesmen Board member, or just show up at a meeting and please introduce yourself, we do want to meet you  
  • Yearly membership dues is $10. 
  • Monthly dinner meetings, fourth Wednesday of most any month at 6:00 PM

Our President--- (your contact persons)
     President:  Jim Morrill        268-1659 
     Past           Randy Friesen  268-3524

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