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Lake of the Pines

Tennis Club


Article I

Purpose and Definitions

Section 1 Purpose. The purpose of the Tennis Club is to develop and promote full utilization of the tennis facilities through individual participation, social league play as well as encourage tennis for all skill levels and build community involvement.

Section2 Definition. “Good Standing” means that a member is current in the payment of the annual club membership dues.

Article II


Section 1 Tennis Club Membership is open to any member (18 years or older) of the Lake of the Pines Association.

Section2 Dues are payable per household January 1st of each year and are delinquent after January 31st. A new member who joins the Tennis Club after August 31st will receive a 50% discount on membership dues.

Section3 Lifetime Membership is awarded to a member who no longer plays tennis and has contributed significantly to the club. These members do not pay dues and have full voting authority. They may be nominated by any club member for consideration and are selected by the executive board.

Article III


Section1 General membership Meetings shall be held as scheduled by the executive board.

a) Only members in good standing are eligible to vote;

b) All members of the household are eligible to vote;

c) A quorum shall consist of a simple majority (51%) of members present at the general meetings.

Section2 Executive Board Meetings shall be held prior to the general membership meetings.

Article IV


Section1 Officers. The elected officers of the club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2 Duties of the Elected Officers:


a) Presides at all executive board and general membership meetings;

b) Appoints directors.

Vice President

a) Assists and supports the president in all activities during the year, and acts in his/her behalf when absent;

b) Verifies that all members playing in leagues have a current tennis court key.


a) Records the minutes of all proceedings of the executive board and general membership meetings;

b) Processes all correspondence.


a) Receives and deposits all monies, including dues, and maintains an accurate record thereof;

b) Pay bills as authorized;

c) Presents a Treasurer’s Report at each meeting;

d) Prepares and has available an annual financial statement.

Article V

Nomination and Election of Officers

Section 1 Nomination

a) The current president shall appoint a nominating committee, consisting of three members in good standing, no later than the 15th of September each year;

b) The committee shall present a minimum of one name for each office to the membership at the October meeting;

c) Candidates must be members in good standing;

d) Nominations may be made from the floor at the October meeting.

Section 2 Election

a) A majority of those present at the October meeting is required to elect any officer, except as noted in (b) below;

b) If there is only one nominee for each office, the slate may be elected acclamation.

Section3 Term of Office shall be for one year beginning at the installation ceremony in November.

Section4 Vacancies of Office. A vacancy of an office shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining officers for the balance of the term.

Article VI

Executive Board

Section1 Composition. The executive board shall consist of the elected officers and directors appointed by the president.

Sections 2 Specific Duties and Powers

a) Establish annual membership dues;

b) Establish fees for league and tournament play;

c) Authorize the expenditure of the necessary funds to fulfill the specific purpose of the club as defined in Article I Section 1;

d) Establish a meeting schedule for the year.

Section3 Limitation of Powers. The executive board shall not authorize the expenditure of more than twelve hundred fifty dollars ($1250.00) for any one activity or item without vote of the general membership.

Article VII


Section1 Establishment of Directors. The president shall appoint directors to accomplish the club’s purpose. The following Directors shall be considered as a minimum, and additional directors may be appointed, as the president and executive board deem necessary;


Notifies the membership of meetings and events.


Coordinates league play.


a) Prepares and maintains membership roster;

b) Provides new members with club information;

c) Encourage new members.


a) Assigns organizers and presides over social activities within the club;

b) Maintains an inventory of club supplies for social events.


a) Schedules and organizes tournaments and/or tennis trips;

b) Promotes community-wide social tennis.

Article VIII


Section1 League and Tournament Play. All players must be a member in good standing. All league substitutes must be members of the Tennis Club.

Section 2 Amendments

a) All proposed amendments to the Bylaws shall be presented to the general membership, to be voted upon at the following meeting;

b) Amendments to the Bylaws may be made by a 2/3 vote of those present at a regular meeting.

Reviewed and revised July 2004

Approved by the Tennis Club October 2004

Reviewed by the Tennis Club Executive Board October 2008

Reviewed and revised January 2009

Reviewed and revised October 2013

Reviewed and revised November 2014

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