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Tennis Club projects

With the Christmas holidays come many activities. The one that the community sees first is the 40-foot set of lights on top of the Clubhouse depicting a Christmas tree. The job of 7 or 8 men with Dave Rosseau as leader is to put up the pole and lights, and in January it all must come down.

16 strings of lights make up the total
tree of lights. They have just taken
down one set of four strings of
lights. A pulley at the top allows us to pull up or lower the 40 feet up to the star.
Don Barnett, Dave Rosseau and the heavy lifter is Carl Paquin
The pole holding the light up 40+ feet is set directly over the center of the attrium glass.
To raise or lower we must use 6 or 7 guys, 3 sets of different length push sticks and a block-and-tackle to control lowering or raising.

Tennis Tournament
Sat. March 20, 2010

Our tournament organizers are Ray & Karin Vanover

Today's tournament had 24 players, playing 5 out of 7 short set of games. Wins and losses were kept, with the winner being:
Bob Heiser & Asia Batchelor
Bob Sappington & Vanessa Borough runners up 

Kari, Bob, Clyde, Robert, Bob, Karin, Betty, Ray, Sandie, Janet and Chic
This motley crew is all geared up and ready to play some tennis.  Bob, Karin, Nora, Sandie, Ray, Bob, Waldo and Laura.  Doesn't everyone look excited and ready to rumble.
Lots of conversation.
Conversation, eating & drinking is always available. By the way, we are also good tennis players.
This chart lists all of our individual wins and losses, and finally indicates the best players for the day.
WHAT A GROUP OF SUPPORTERS. The spirit exhibited was beyond belief.
A final match is played by those who had the most wins. Then a set is played by these 4 players. The winners of this match were Asia Batchelor and Bob Heiser, with Vanessa Borough and Bob Sappington as runner up.

Polly Parks-organizer-boss lady & husband Steve

Bebe Haut Pat Brothen Mary & Bill Abbey
Karen Vanover Woody & Sharon Cowles
Robert Reeder Kathy Porter

We buy the tree and all the ornaments, put it up and take it down prior to the New Year's Eve celebration.

The 2010 Tennis Executive Board: left to right
John Funnell
Kristi Dilloway
Ron Trimble
Carl Paquin
Congratulations to Laura Goldschneider for serving the past two years as President of the Tennis Club. Ron Trimble has just assumed the responsibility.
Kristi just gave Laura one of 13 cans of tennis balls
Woody Cowles, Bill Belding, Kathy Porter, Steve Parks
just eating---drinking---talking
and dancing
a group of over 60 folks join together at the installation dinner dance

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