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History:  some 38 years---of a proud Club that has consistently supported the improvement of LOP facilities since 1977.

1977    The first discussions were held on forming a tennis club at LOP.

1979    LOP Tennis Club was informally organized. A women's team was established and played round-robin tournaments with other area clubs, such as Ridge and Sierra. The regulars and subs included: V.Bernadett,  N.Dunnachie, C.Hardy, S.Hocking, L.Kerr, T.Krause, W.Morrow, D.Murphy, M.Ricker and S.Springman. They played every Friday, and held a monthly luncheon for interested women, both players or non-players. They also encouraged the male residents to get on the courts.

1980  Following several months of organizational meetings, the LOP TENNIS CLUB was officially formed in March, 1980. The first elected officers were Larry Elliott, Shirley Springman, Polly Grace, Marlene Nagle, Carol Hardy. The club was indebted to Norman Ricker, who created a template, and Dennis Gregory for a fine paint job, which made the court lines visible. Later in 1980, Vernita Bernadett started aerobic classes to finance backboards.  Later, the goal was ambitiously modified from backboards to two more tennis courts. A bulletin board was installed at court #1 with material and labor donated.

1982    The Tennis Committee was formed, and tennis was considered separate from recreation by the LOP Board of  Directors. In the early 80s, there was an ongoing effort to solve court surface problems at the two courts.

1983    The Tennis COMMITTEE and the Tennis CLUB were combined. This contingent of tennis players drew a commitment from the LOP Board to allow for the construction of two tennis courts at Parcel "J", the current site of courts #3 and #4. The members had circulated petitions, eventually collecting letters and 141 signatures supporting their plan. The petition included the following statement: "Looking ahead, we envision a real tennis program with clinics, instructions, tournaments and inter-club competition for children and adults."

1984    Dee Demorest was president, serving with board members Don/Birgit Swanson, Kay Whitaker, Russ Overton, Lavelle Stanton, Betty/Bob Vincent. Annual tennis fees were $ 50 for a family and $ 30 for single members.

1985    Larry Elliott served as president working with Lavelle Stanton, Don/Kay Whitaker, and Lois Cox. The Tennis Club and Tennis Committee were once again separated. The Tennis Committee, appointed by the LOP Board, included Bob Canny, Bob Cox, Bob Vincent and Sally Tew.

1986    Joann Hoffard chaired the first wine tasting and silent auction in February. The first phase of the new tennis courts at Parcel  "J" was completed in November.

1987    Joann Hoffard was elected president, along with  Pat Moore, June Kralicek and Sharon Oliver. A second wine tasting auction was held to finance the final emulsion on courts 3/4. By-laws and Standing Rules were adopted.  Dave Graham was named as LOP's first tennis pro. Court numbers were created and installed by Bud Hoffard and Bob Cox. "Rules for court play" were also posted. The first Awards and Installation Banquet was held at  year's end.

1988    Sarge Wright was president, working with Russ Overton, Marie Nettell and Irma Norhausen. Third    Annual  Wine Tasting and Auction held.  A fence was built between courts #3 & #4, at a cost of $1,066.

1989    Russ Overton served as president along with Perry Sides, Eileen Stanton and Rayna Triano. Fourth Annual Wine Tasting and Auction held. Lighting was added to courts #1 & #2, with a donation from the club of $1,250.

1990   President Perry Sides served with officers Bert Walls, Marie Nettell and Esther Stinson. Two used ball machines were purchased and storage cabinets were built and installed. The club donated $10,000  towards landscaping of courts #3 and #4, which included paths, plants and rocks.

1991    Van Van Dorn was elected president along with Don Barnett, Carol Swinyard and Bernice Hadsell.

1992    George Monie served as president. His board members were Hugh Stanton, Bev Barnett, Esther Stinson  and Russ Overton. The memorial gazebo was constructed with table and benches outside courts #3 & #4, with a club donation of $ 3,500. A formal charter was created for the Tennis Club. The first Aqua Dinner was held. Summer tennis clinics were introduced.

1993    Dirk Schumaat was elected president along with Tom Murray, Shirley Springman, June Clunn and Lois Cox. Donated windscreens for courts #3 and #4.

1994    President Marie Nettell served with officers Jack Wallace, D.J. Jordan and Alberta Coovelis. Lights were replaced on courts #1 and #2 at a cost of $9,000.

1995   Warren Jessop was president along with Peggy Monie, Noel O'Halloran, Kathy McLean and Lois Cox. The first  Halloween Costume Tennis Tournament was held with John Brewer in charge. Membership grew to 81 families.

1996    President Frank Gaillard worked with Peggy Brewer, Jan Voskes, and Candi Larson. Events included a  Tahoe tennis trip. The club purchased and installed backboards for courts #2 & #4. A donation of $1000 was made towards the new sound system for the Clubhouse as well as $750 for a BBQ and $430 to purchase a new 12-foot Christmas tree for the Clubhouse. A bookcase ($60) was donated to the Sports Lounge as a book exchange.

1997    Chuck Mercer was president along with D.J. Jordan, Kristi Dilloway, andTom Stice. The July Aqua Party was hostessed by Phyllis Stice &  D.J. Jordan. Chuck initiated a new and fun concept for the club-team play!

1998    Chuck Mercer served a second year as president with Bernice Hadsell, Bev Barnett, and Tom Stice as officers and Don Carey, June Clunn, Jean Earl, B.J. Jones and Ron Trimble on the Executive Board. Club events included a June tennis trip to Tahoe at Northstar, a Sept. Aqua Dinner featuring an Elvis sighting, the Halloween Tournament followed by a Costume Party at the Brewers, and the Awards/Installation dinner at the Clubhouse.  Fee for court keys were $20 for juniors, $75 for single adults and $115 for families. Membership now 95 families.

1999    Janet Trimble was elected president. The Executive Board included officers Bob Krogman, Lois Dyke, Roberta Vizcaino and Tom Demorest; and chairs Barbara Diemer, Jean Earle, D.J. Jordan, Roger Martinsen, Tom Stice and Ron Trimble. Six tennis tournaments were played during the year plus a Tennis at Tahoe trip to Granlibakkan. The club contributed $500 towards a Bear River H.S. tennis scholarship. A donation of $2500 was given towards the purchase of new playground equipment near court #2. New bleachers were installed at court #4 and a concrete pad was formed for the table above court #1. The Aqua Dinner & Halloween Party  was successful events as in past years. With Ron Trimble's guidance, the club took on an Adopt-A-Roadway responsibility for a two-mile stretch of Magnolia.

2000     Was the year of new membership as 52 new players,  representing 31 families, joined the Tennis Club.    Roger Martinsen took the reins as President.  The other officers were Lois Dyke, Mary Lou Clifton and Tom Demorest. Chairs included Don Carey, Barbara Diemer, D.J. Jordan, Kay Knowlden, Tom Stice, Richard Thornton and the Trimbles. Carl Paquin and Terry Henline were instrumental in refurbishing and replacing ball machines for courts #2 and #3. Scholarships totaling $750 were awarded to five tennis seniors at BRHS. Kristi Dilloway created a great Aqua Dinner party and Richard Thornton set up a super weekend  at Granlibakken. A contingent of 20 men and Lady Trimble repaired cracks and painted lines at court #2. Frank Gaillard received the club's Outstanding Service Award for his yearlong instructional classes, which led to half of the new memberships during the year.

2001    President Kay Knowlden's term ran smooth as silk thanks to officers Phil Jones, Steve Parks, Pat Brothen and chairs Joanie Gaillard/D.J. Jordan, the Mercers, Candi Larson, Roger Martinsen, Janet Trimble and Tom Stice. We tried new twists to regular events like random assigned seating at general meetings to mix up the crowd, a tennis weekend with Frank Gaillard's bisque tournament and Janice Carey's committee for the Aqua Dinner with cocktails on the lake "literally". Fun repeats were the Granlibakken trip to Tahoe and our famous Halloween tennis tournament and costume party.  Our serious side came through with a tennis scholarship, replacement of the stolen picnic table at Court #1, lights and labor for R Trimble/H Clunn's Christmas tree on top of the Clubhouse, and $250 for Environmental Control building improvements. The Executive Board decided to save most of our 2001 contribution money for court repairs to assist the Association.

2002     Steve Parks was elected president. Officers were Don Barnett, Richard Knowlden, and Carol Thornton.  Chairs were Brian/Diane Foster, Don/Sue Miller, Lois Dyke, Ron Trimble, Chuck Grimm, Tom Stice and Janet Trimble. With over 100 family memberships, the social functions, including our Tahoe Granlibakken week-end, were well attended. Mary Abbey and Ginni Green coordinated a great Aqua Party. Our major contribution this year was $7000 to the LOP Association for the much-needed repair of the tennis courts. Don Barnett was instrumental in convincing the Board of Directors for repairs now rather than as scheduled several years hence. For that and for helping this president while healing from surgery, Don received the Outstanding Service Award at the Installation dinner.

2003    Lois Dyke served as president. The Executive Board included officers Janice Carey, Duane Wallace, Kay Knowlden and Richard Knowlden. Chairs were Roger Martinsen, Val Lanza, D.J. Jordan, Ron Trimble, Frank Gaillard, Janet Trimble and Tom Stice. The Tennis at Tahoe week-end was held at Chinquapin on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Almost fifty were in attendance, and all highly recommended returning in 2004! Val Lanza and committee did an outstanding job with the Aqua Dinner, "A Night in Venice". The main event of 2003 was the completion of the resurfacing on courts #3 & 4, and the repairs on courts #1 & 2. The Outstanding Service Award was presented to Tom Stice at the Nov. Installation Dinner.

2004       President Don Carey and his officers Jean Earle, Katy Howe and Nelson Goldschneider, as well as the rest of the Executive Board worked hard to make this an especially fun year of tennis. There were more social occasions, and many tournaments, thanks to chair Roger Martinsen. Included was a special Ladies Tournament organized by Katy Howe. The Aqua Dinner, chaired by Mary Abbey (with much help from the Armstrongs, Murphys and Bob Beechler) was "the greatest", with the members ending the evening on the Careys' lawn. The return trip to Chinquapin was hailed as a super tennis weekend, thanks to Janice Carey's efforts. Richard and Kay Knowlden, Social Chairs for 2004, were the recipient of the Outstanding Service Award at the Installation Dinner in November.      

2005        Tom Edwards was elected president. Club officers were Kristi Dilloway, Nelson Goldschneider, and Pamela Franco. Chairs included, Brian Foster, Janet Trimble, Ron Trimble, Richard Knowlden, Val Lanza, Hannah Bailey and Lois Dyke. The Aqua Dinner, chaired by the Tozers, and the weekend at Chinquapin coordinated b, y Richard Knowlden and Janice Carey, were real successes. Kristi Dilloway headed up the Magnolia cleanup. Other projects are listed under donations, but a special thanks to Howard Clunn and helpers for the shading on courts 3 and 4. The Outstanding Service Award was presented to Nelson Goldschneider for his extra efforts throughout the year.

2006        Pamela Franco was elected president . Club Officers were Richard Knowlden, Val Lanza and Pat Brothen. The chairpersons were Linda Edwards, Tom Edwards, Brian Foster, Kay Knowlden, Melanie Prosser, Sandy Malin, Kristi Dilloway, DJ Jordan, Bev Barnett and Dee Demorest. Our famous Aqua dinner was held at the home of Don & Janice Carey. The Outstanding Service Award was given to Linda Edwards for her work as Social Chairperson.

2007      Richard Knowlden moved to the President slot this year with Kristi Dilloway, Val Lanza and Peggy Kendrick as his officers. The chairs were Judi Fort, Linda Edwards, Roger Martinsen, Jack Ellena, Kay Knowlden, Brian Foster, Fred Friedberg, Carol Ganoe, Janet Trimble and Chuck Grimm. Tennis at Tahoe returned with Carol Thornton leading the way with help from Janice Carey. The annual Aqua Dinner was great fun with dancing at the Clubhouse. Many thanks to Ginni Green, Laura Goldschneider and Kathy Bolen for chairing this event. Val Lanza received the Outstanding Service Award for her efforts as Treasurer. Our annual scholarship fund was renamed to honor the many years of of service by Frank Gaillard. The scholarship is now titled the LOP Tennis Gaillard Memorial Fund. The Club appreciates the generous donations made by the family and friends of the Gaillard family.

2008      Laura Goldschneider was elected president with Roger Martinsen as VP, Bob Barmore as treasurer, and Asia Batchelor as secretary. Other chairs included Judi Fort-membership, Ginni Green-social, Lois Dyke-women's league, Tom Edwards-men's/mixed leagues, Kathy Bomhoff-phone committee and Roger Martinsen and Jack Ellena were in charge of tournaments. Our year included the reintroduction of teaching tennis pros at LOP. Both Steve Robinson and Rich Gans hold private and group lessons on a regular basis. Thanks to member Lee Hicks, the tennis club sponsored a charity tennis tournament for the Angel Tree Foundation. This function represented the first "outside" tournament our club has ever sponsored and it was well attended by LOP and outside tennis players! Many thnks to Roger Martinsen and Jack Ellena who helped to organize our many tournaments this year. The LOP Tennis Gaillard Memorial Fund awarded six scholarships to worthy high school seniors for a total of $2400. The Outstanding Service Award was given to Roger Martinsen for his enthusiastic service in all areas of the club in 2008.

2009         Laura Goldschneider was again elected as president, with a supporting cast of Asia Batchelor as VP, Joh Finnell as Secretary and Bob Barmore as Treasurer. Other members who have officially volunteered are Val Lanza-Membership, Mimi Boardman-Social, Kathy Bomhoff-Telephone Committee, Asia Batchelor & Karin Vanover-Tournaments, Janet Trimble-Women's League, Tom Edwards-Men's & Mixed Leagues, Fred Friedberg-E-mail communications and Sandy Malin-USTA Coordinator. Thanks for steping up and taking responsibility for some part of our Club. Not to leave out five other important jobs, are: Chuck Grimm-court schedules, Pat Brothen-sunshine, Carl Paquin-projects, Roger Martinsen-LOP News and Pat Brothen-historian. The Stock Market and the economy turned upside down and our tennis weekend in Tahoe was cancelled.

2010    The elected members are: Ron Trimble-president, Kristi Dilloway -VP, John Finnell-Sec., and Carl Paquin-Tres. Other appointed executive board positions are: Membership-Janet Trimble, Social-Mimi Boardman, Telephone-Joel Fowler, Tournaments-Karin/Ray Vanover with helper Roger Martisen, Women's League-Joan Pimentel, Men's League-Tom Edwards, Communication-Fred Friedberg, USTA-Sandy Malin. Specialists are: Court signup sheets-Chuck Grimm, Web site-Ron Trimble, Sunshine-Muriel Lynn, Court projects-Carl Paquin, LOP News articles-Roger Martinsen, Historian-Pat Brothen, Magnolia Cleanup-Kristi Dilloway, Aqua Party-Liesel Hicks, Tahoe get-a-way-Laura Goldschneider, BBQ-Phil Green, Chili Cookoff-Don/Carol Jenkins, Scholarships-Lois Dyke, Christmas tree top of CH-Dave Rosseau, Christmas tree inside CH-Polly Parks. Other folks served on these committees--A special thanks to ALL of them. PLAYING TENNIS IS WHY WE EXIST. We have 5 womens leagues, 3 mens leagues and 3 mixed leagues playig Monday thru Friday and one evening. Each league has a Captain with scheduling and organization responsibilities . The men still meet Saturday morning to play open walk-in tennis. Numerous tournaments are organized during the year for all to enjoy. Relocation of tennis courts 1 & 2 to an area just beheath courts 3 & 4 was a continual effort this year. Association budget constraints along with several other factors resulted in no relocation but the 4 courts having crack repaired, color coated and relined. Mimi Boardman came up with an idea of one massive auction to fund the Frank Gaillard scholardship for local high school students. Other funds went to furnish the new Sport Lounge and with that the tennis club now has their own trophy case. Our dinner/business meetings have been held every other month and we have successfully added dancing at the end of the evening.

2011        Tom Edwards, after a six year hiatus, once again served as the Club President.  The other officers were Kristi Dilloway, Kathy Carey-Dewey  and Carl Paquin.  For the third year, the club was part of the Chili Cook-Off.  The theme was Galactic, and the committee used an old Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man" (pun intended) as it's platform .  Five high school scholarship recipients were invited to the July BBQ/Auction dinner meeting.  Discussions continued regarding moving Courts 1 and 2 to below Courts 3 and 4.

2012        Officers included President Kristi Dilloway, along with Vice-President Fred Friedberg, Treasurer Jim Quinnan and Secretary Kathy Carey.  One of the memorable highlights of the year was a fun 4th of July BB at the Sports Lounge where members grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone, and the beer flowed freely from two kegs.  Also, in September, a group of twelve club members headed up to Granlibakken (Tennis at Tahoe) for a weekend of fun tennis, laughs, good food and drink.

2013    The slate of officers included Kristi Dilloway as President and Jim Quinnan as Treasurer for their 2nd term, with Clyde Armstrong - VP and John Finnell - Secretary.  John also put together numerous successful tournaments throughout the year.  One of the highlights was the Aqua Dinner hosted by Clyde Armstrong, gal pal Bobbie and neighbors Larry and Terry Roberts.  It was a great success, with multiple food stations and games throughout the properties, and lots of music and dancing into the night.  Also in 2013, the LOP Board of Directors created a Tennis Committee to deal with tennis-related issues.  Initial representatives from the club included Kristi Dilloway, Laura Goldschneider, Carl Paquin and Chair John Finnell.

Janet Trimble returned from her 1999 presidential retirement to once again take the reins of the Tennis Club, along with officers Bob Heiser, Asia Batchelor and Don Carlson.  Also serving on the Executive Board were Dave Atkinson, John Finnell, Diane and Fred Friedberg.  It was a year of adjustment for the club after the LOP Board of Directors voted in favor of a revised set of Tennis Court Rules and Regulations (SR-05), which included many changes affecting the Tennis Club Leagues.  In addition to our annual contribution to the Eggstravaganza, donations to the Association included: money for the improvement of the  planter bed next to the gazebo near courts 3/4;  purchase of two new benches for the area between courts 3/4 and funding needed for the Christmas tree on the roof of the clubhouse.  The Outstanding Service Award was presented to Diane and Fred Friedberg.  Chuck Bense and Tom and Linda Edwards were named Lifetime Members.  Once again, the Aqua Dinner was held at Clyde Armstrong's fabulous home and again it was a great success, with Asia and Hugh Batchelor providing a feast for everyone.

2015  Dave Atkinson took over as president along with officers Bob Heiser, Carl Paquin and Don Carlson.  The Outstanding Service Award was presented to Jim and Janet Nachtigal.  In addition to many fun tennis socials held throughout the year, highlights included a great Aqua Party on the lake in August, a well attended trip to Tahoe Donner in September, dancing at our Oktoberfest, and a festive Installation Dinner in November with music by the LOPeatles.

2016 Bob Heiser took over as president along with officers Fred Friedberg, Carl Paquin and Don Carlson. The Outstanding Service Award was presented to ???.

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